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The most beautiful natural places on Bonaire

The most beautiful natural places on Bonaire

Top six hot spots for nature on Bonaire

Bonaire is a stunning destination for the sun, sea, and beach and is perfect for water sports thanks to its ideal weather conditions. However, Bonaire has more to offer than that. Above the surface of the water, the island also offers stunning natural beauty, from national parks and lagoons to the mangrove forests. We are happy to share the most beautiful places in nature on Bonaire in this blog post. Get inspired!


Bonaire National Marine Park

Bonaire National Marine Park is the first marine park in the world. You will encounter many species of fish, turtles, and coral here, making this a stunning place for snorkeling and diving. It is as if you are swimming around in an enormous aquarium, as the fish are tame because you are not allowed to catch them anymore. Nowadays, visitors who want access to the park must purchase a special Nature Fee, which also contributes to protecting the park. Admire the enchanting underwater world!

Washington Slagbaai National Park

One of the most beautiful parks on Bonaire is Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP), which is located in the northern part of the island. The national park boasts a mountainous terrain where you can find, among other things, cactus forests, aloe fields, rock formations, salt lakes, and limestone caves. Likewise, as a result, it is home to many extraordinary plants and animals, such as iguanas, lizards, parrots, and flamingos. Put on some good hiking boots so you can enjoy WSNP to the fullest. The highest point on the island, Mount Brandaris, is located in this national park and is 241 meters tall. Climb Mount Brandaris or come and snorkel off of the many deserted beaches.


Klein Bonaire

You can reach the small island of Klein Bonaire with a water taxi that departs daily from Kralendijk. This uninhabited island is a breeding ground for turtles. There are not many islands of this size that are uninhabited in the Caribbean archipelago, which makes Klein Bonaire unique. There are 54 different animal species here, and the island possesses three salt lakes. These attract flamingos. This hot spot for nature on Bonaire is especially popular with divers and snorkelers, but hikers will also find something to enjoy. You will hike around the small island in four hours. So make sure you bring enough water when you admire this little slice of nature on Bonaire.

Lac Bay

Admire the stunning azure blue lagoon measuring over 700 hectares on the southeast side of Bonaire. Lac Bay consists of an open water area, lush mangrove forests, and two peninsulas: Lac Cai and Sorobon. The mangrove forest area of Lac Bay is unique because it provides a feeding ground for birds and plays a crucial role in the reproduction of virtually all animal species that live in the waters. You will find a great diversity of trees, shrubs, plants, and animals in the mangrove forest. Explore the area by means of an electric boat or a guided kayak tour and learn more about this extraordinary place and the nature on Bonaire.



You can also admire the nature on Bonaire by the Gotomeer, a saltwater lagoon in the northern part of the island, on the edge of Washington Slagbaai National Park. The Gotomeer is an important nature reserve for flamingos. If you want to spot flamingos, you should definitely go to the Gotomeer! You will have a stunning view of the lake from a high observation point.


The Pekelmeer is a lake with pink water and white salt pyramids next to it. This slice of nature on Bonaire is a must-see. The salinity of the water is constantly changing, and when the sunlight is reflected off the water, it creates a stunning purplish glow. This results in a surreal otherworldly landscape. The Pekelmeer is one of four areas in the world where flamingos breed, and it is home to more than 10,000 flamingos. On the one hand, part of the Pekelmeer is used for salt extraction, and on the other hand, it is used for flamingo conservation. Tourists are not allowed in the sanctuary. However, you can watch the birds with binoculars from the road or nearby Pink Beach.


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