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Nightlife in Bonaire? Read more about the nicest hotspots on this island and get ready for tasty drinks and lots of fun on this beautiful island.

Nightlife Bonaire

Nightlife in Bonaire

If that wonderful summer holiday has been booked, you will of course want to check out the nightlife in Bonaire. During the day, you can laze on the beach, go swimming in the bright water or just enjoy the beautiful gardens, but what will you do during the evenings? There is plenty to do on this beautiful island and we can tell you all about it! After dinner, get ready for the Bonaire nightlife, because that is something you should definitely not miss. The best clubs, events, parties and celebrations. Are you coming too? In this blog, you will read all about the possibilities, where you should definitely go and what should be on your holiday bucket list. There are many possibilities for a successful night out, even if you are more of a quiet drinker. Bonaire is perhaps not the ideal place for exuberant nightlife, but if you are looking for a nice party, you have definitely come to the right place! 

Nightlife in Bonaire in the most beautiful places

Does 'happy hour' sound good to you? Then you should try the nightlife in Bonaire. Almost all bars offer it so that you can enjoy cheaper drinks for an hour or more. Some bars even hand out free snacks to complete the party. That certainly is a good way to start the evening! While enjoying your drink with your partner or friends, you can also often listen to live music, played by local bands. That way you don't just have a cheap drink, but you can also enjoy the real music of Bonaire. Do you like salsa, latin and merengue? Then you will be very happy with Bonaire's nightlife, because these are the dominant music styles you will hear. The ultimate summer feeling thanks to this nice dance music.

Nightlife venues

The nightlife in Bonaire is the best

Now that you know what to expect from the nightlife in Bonaire, you have to know where to go. The island attracts many tourists, which means there also is a preference for certain bars. For example, many American tourists will visit hotel bars with international bands during the weekends and cheaper drinks. The Europeans often gather at the bars in Kralendijk. Here too, you can often find bands in regional or Venezuelan style. It is customary to dance, so wear comfortable shoes! During happy hour, two bars are the most popular: Karel's Bar and City Café on the boulevard. Would you like to visit a real Dutch bar? Then you should definitely go to the Mona Lisa in Kaya Grandi. One of the advantages is that you can also enjoy delicious Dutch and French food there. In the countryside, you will find more bars for the local population, with fewer tourists. This is nice if you want to experience the nightlife like a local. Would you like more information about all this? Don't hesitate to contact us. We're looking forward to seeing you!

Nightlife Bonaire