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Sunny holiday in Bonaire

Sunny holiday in Bonaire

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Sunny vacation on Bonaire

Have you been dreaming of a sunny vacation on Bonaire for years? Then it's high time to make your dreams come true! With a beautiful sunny vacation on Bonaire, you can optimally enjoy the clear sea, the gorgeous weather and the ever cheerful people! Would you also like to lie on the beach with a coconut in your hands and enjoy the view? Then we'll make you very happy because with our resorts on Bonaire you will enjoy all of this on a beautiful island.


Resort Bonaire
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Bonaire


Facilities during your sun holiday in Bonaire

The two resorts on Bonaire have various facilities for all ages groups. Both resorts have a swimming pool and a pool bar where you can enjoy some wonderful relaxation. You can rent a snorkel set or take diving lessons if you are curious about the impressive underwater world. There is play equipment for the younger children. The Sunset Beach resort also has a casino, a lounge bar and a spa. This resort is situated at the beach as well. Resort Bonaire is located at a short walk from the beach. Would you like to explore more of the island? If so, you can rent a car! 

Sunset Beach Resort
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Bonaire



✔ Swimming pool

✔ Pool and lounge bar

✔ Spa

✔ Car rental service

✔ Snorkel set rental service and diving school

✔ Play equipment


Ideal sunny vacation on Bonaire

Bonaire is a favorite vacation destination for taking a break to think about nothing and completely come back to being yourself. In our own busy lives we tend to keep working even when we're at home, which means you don't get much inner rest for yourself. Fortunately, our beautiful resort is here and can take you to a completely different world. People who have come before call it a dream vacation, we call it a dream world. Just leave your phone and devices in your safe and enjoy your surroundings and nature. Enjoy your vacation with your partner or take a nice trip with the family. It's simply the ideal sunny vacation on Bonaire!


Dreaming about a sunny vacation on Bonaire

Going on a sunny vacation in Bonaire is a true luxury, and with our unbeatable prices and promotions we will always have a vacation that suits you. In addition to the beautiful beach and the clear sea there is also more natural beauty to walk through. More of an aquaphile? No problem! It is and will always be an island, meaning you're in the right place. Go snorkeling and look at the beautiful coral and fish with the brightest and most vivid colors. In the underwater world, it will feel almost like a fairy tale when all the animals swim around you and you can see for yourself how beautiful our world is. This sunny vacation on Bonaire will make you feel totally zen.

You simply do not want to miss this sunny vacation on Bonaire. Do you still have questions or want to know more about the possibilities for your sunny vacation on Bonaire? Then feel free to get in touch or just book your vacation right away!