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Bonaire Resorts

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  • Two luxury resorts on Bonaire
  • By or close to the sea
  • Swimming pool at the resort

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~ Enjoy luxury accommodations and facilities by or close to the sea ~

At Bonaire Resorts, you can choose between two luxury resorts at different locations on the heavenly island of Bonaire. Are you looking for a luxury resort by the beach? Then Sunset Beach Resort is for you! Resort Bonaire is located a little further away from the beach and the azure blue ocean, but it has a swimming pool with sandy beach and its own diving school. The different accommodations at Bonaire Resorts' resorts can be enjoyed by groups of up to 10 people, which make them ideal for holidays with friends or family or to spend the winter on Bonaire.

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Resort Bonaire

At Resort Bonaire, you can book luxurious and stylish apartments for up to 8 people and hotel rooms for up to 2 people.

Sunset Beach Resort

Sunset Beach Resort has luxurious and stylish apartments for 2 to 10 people. There is also a swimming pool, a casino and a restaurant.