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Water sports Bonaire

Water sports Bonaire

  • Luxury resort on Bonaire
  • Near the sea
  • Perfect place for an active vacation

Water sports on Bonaire

Bonaire may not be the first area that you think of for a water sports vacation. But on Bonaire many fun water sports are possible in a beautiful (underwater) flora and fauna. Go for a water sports vacation to Bonaire and discover how fun and intense wave surfing, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing and wind surfing is. When you come for a vacation filled with water sports on Bonaire you're of course looking for a nice place for ultimate relaxation after a day on or in the water. Resort Bonaire has luxury apartments for up to 8 people and comfortable 2 person hotel rooms. Enjoy relaxing and water sports on Bonaire!

Water sports holiday on Bonaire

A stable wind direction, 300 days per year wind, beautiful fish, colorful corals, azure blue sea and beautiful beaches. Bonaire is still a "hidden pearl" for water sports lovers. But we know for a fact that you can enjoy yourself here! We recommend you to practice multiple water sports during your water sports vacation on Bonaire. You can also choose a tour over the ABC islands and see all the beauty of the Caribbean area in a sporty way. Of course you don't have to own and bring your own materials. There are plenty of rental places for various water sports necessities around the island. Who will you experience a water sports vacation on Bonaire with?

Water sports opportunities on Bonaire⤵

  • Diving on Bonaire
  • Snorkeling in the underwater world
  • Kite or windsurfing on the Caribbean Sea
  • Take diving lessons at Bonaire Resorts
  • Windsurfing in the best conditions
  • Surfing in the most beautiful locations

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Relaxation during your water sports holiday

At Bonaire Resorts, you have the choice to stay at Resort Bonaire or Sunset Beach Resort. The luxury resorts have comfortable apartments and hotel rooms for 2 to 10 persons.  The luxury apartments have a balcony or patio, a private bathroom, an equipped kitchen and a cozy living room. This is an excellent place to rest after your day of sports. You can also use the facilities at the resorts. Take a seat on one of the sunbeds by the pool or relax in the water, enjoy a drink at the pool bar or a snack at the restaurant or pizzeria.

You can also enjoy some fun and relaxation by going on a trip on the island. Visit a museum, the slave huts or the pleasant center of Kralendijk. You will experience plenty of relaxation during your stay, at our resort and in the surrounding area. Will you take on the challenge of water sports on Bonaire during your holiday?

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What did previous guests ask us?

🏄 Which water sports can be found on Bonaire?

On Bonaire, the water sports options are endless. You can go surfing, diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing and kitesurfing. We even have our own diving school at Bonaire Resorts, where you can take diving lessons and rent diving equipment!

🏠 Where can I stay during my vacation on Bonaire?

At Bonaire Resorts!  Here, you can choose from hotel rooms, apartments and even luxurious penthouses! The accommodations are spaciously furnished and have a balcony or yard with a view of the swimming pool and sandy beach.