1. Luxury resort near the city of Kralendijk
  2. Perfect conditions for windsurfing on Bonaire
  3. 12 minutes from windsurfing hotspots

Windsurfing on Bonaire

On Bonaire island you can practice many surf sports, windsurfing on Bonaire is a great possibility. Bonaire is known as a paradise for diving, but it's quickly becoming a paradise for various surf sports, too. The stable wind force, wind direction and water temperature contribute to the perfect conditions for windsurfing on Bonaire . After a nice day on the water and the beach, you naturally want to relax. Resort Bonaire offers modern apartments and hotel rooms with lots of luxury. Perfect for chilling after windsurfing during your holiday on Bonaire. Our resort is just a 12-minute drive from the popular windsurfing hotspot Sorbon Beach and Lac Bay. Who does accompany you on your holiday to Bonaire for windsurfing?

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Your stay during your windsurfing holiday

At our resort you can choose from luxury apartments for up to 8 people or from 2-person hotel rooms during your windsurfing holiday on Bonaire island. Each apartment offers a living room, kitchen, bathroom and separate bedroom (s). The various types of apartments differ in area, offer a very spacious balcony or a garden, air conditioning and free WiFi. The 2-person hotel rooms offer a private bathroom, living room / bedroom with air conditioning and free WiFi, as well. As a guest of our luxury resort you can make unlimited use of the facilities such as the pool bar and the swimming pool with sandy beach, too. And if you don't feel like cooking, you can enjoy a freshly baked pizza. To sum up, a nice place on Bonaire to relax after windsurfing.

Windsurfing on Bonaire island

✅ The wind blows 300 days a year on Bonaire island

✅ Stable wind direction from the northeast

Sorbon Beach and Lac Bay 12 minutes drive away

✅ Jibe City windsurfing school for taking lessons and rental

Windsurfing during your holiday on Bonaire island

Windsurfing on Bonaire island is not possible everywhere, but Sorbon Beach and Lac Bay are very nice windsurfing locations. Windsurfing on Bonaire island is great fun for both beginners and advanced surfers. On Bonaire there are windsurfing schools such as Jibe City Winsurfing Center where you can rent equipment and take lessons. What you still need to know before you can windsurf, every kind of water recreation requests to buy a Nature Fee. Start the adventure of windsurfing on Bonaire island and discover your new favorite hobby.

Other trips on Bonaire

Would you like to do other activities besides windsurfing on Bonaire island? The island offers many great places that are definitely worth a visit. Have a look at the impressive salt pans and slave houses, walk through the lovely streets of Kralendijk or learn how liqueur is made. But Bonaire is a perfect place to go mountain biking or practice one of the other water sports such as snorkeling or kitesurfing, as well .

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