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Kite surfing on sunny Bonaire

  • Luxury resort on Bonaire near by Kralendijk
  • Hotel rooms and apartments up for 8 people
  • 12 minutes away from the kitesurf hotspots

Bonaire is the place to be for kitesurf lovers

Experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and vacation by going kite surfing on Bonaire. A wonderful temperature, consistent wind force and wind direction and beautiful surroundings are the ideal conditions for kiting on Bonaire. And if you are not a resident of the island, then of course you will not come for a day of kite surfing. Then you come for a kite holiday on Bonaire. Resort Bonaire offers nice hotel rooms, apartments and penthouses that you long for after a day of kite surfing on Bonaire. These accommodate two to eight people and are equipped with various luxury facilities. The facilities at the resort also ensure that you can relax here!

Impression of your vacation on Bonaire ⤵

Tips for kite surfing on Bonaire

What you really need to know when you go kite surfing on Bonaire? The fact that the wind blows 300 days a year from the northeast, the temperatures are pleasant and the surroundings are beautiful does not mean that you can just go kite surfing everywhere. You can visit a number of kite surf spots on Bonaire. Kite surfing is officially only allowed in the dark blue water and kite surfers must stay 75 meters from the coast. The most popular kite surfing spot on Bonaire is Kite Beach (Atlantis), located at only a 12 minutes drive from Resort Bonaire. An exception has been made here so that beginners and advanced kite surfers can leave from the beach for their kite surfing adventure. Among advanced kite surfers, Klein Bonaire is also a popular spot on Bonaire for kite surfing. Every recreational user of the water is also obliged to buy a Nature Fee tee. This is possible at the kite surfing schools where you can also buy excellent equipment and lessons.

Benefits of kitesurfing on Bonaire:

  • Kite surf locations for beginners to advanced
  • Kite Beach Atlantis near by Resort Bonaire
  • Consistent wind direction, from the northeast
  • Most suitable between February and August
  • Kitesurfing without a wetsuit
  • Bonaire has mostly flat water
  • Kiteschool Kiteboarding Bonaire

Your stay during your kite surfing holiday

Of course you want nothing more than to be on the water all day at a kite surfing location on Bonaire . But do not underestimate the importance of a good stay during your vacation. All effort also requires relaxation. At Resort Bonaire you can ultimately relax in your own luxury apartment, penthouse or hotel room . The facilities at the resort such as the swimming pool with a sandy beach, the pool bar and the pizzeria also provide the necessary relaxation. Thanks to the free WiFi, you can immediately upload your photos and share them with the home front. The comfortable beds ensure a wonderful night's sleep and after an extensive breakfast on your terrace you are ready for a new day on Bonaire at your favorite kite surfing location .

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What previous guests asked us⤵

🤿 Which other water sports are possible on Bonaire?

Bonaire is known for its many water sports possibilities. In addition to kitesurfing, you can also surf on the most beautiful beaches or explore the underwater world by diving or snorkeling. You can even practice this at our own diving school at Bonaire Resorts!

💚 What is a Nature Fee or STINAPE?

To enter the water around Bonaire you need a so–called STINAPA E–ticket. This applies not only to people doing water sports but also to those who swim in the sea around Bonaire or Klein Bonaire.

🏄🏼 Can I get kitesurfing lessons?

Certainly! Various lessons are offered at Kiteboarding Bonaire, from private lessons to group lessons. Here, everyone can learn how to kite! You can also rent equipment here.