• Own practice pool
  • Certified instructors
  • Rental, diving shop and diving lessons

Diving school on Bonaire

Would you like to explore the beautiful underwater world of Bonaire during your vacation? I don't blame you! It is not for nothing that the Caribbean island is called Diver's Paradise. At our diving school on Bonaire, located on Resort Bonaire, you can take diving lessons. We do this in collaboration with Dive Friends. Take diving lessons in our swimming pool, rent your diving gear, or book various packages through the reception! This way you can get acquainted with diving in an accessible way. Of course, you can also take diving lessons in the sea. During your diving vacation on Bonaire, get to know the beautiful coral reefs, the brightly colored fish, and the deep-blue sea. Diving lessons on Bonaire; an experience you will never forget!

Book your vacation with diving lessons

Learning to dive on Bonaire

Meet our partner, Dive Friends! They provide you with everything related to the Bonairean underwater world. Diving, snorkeling and everything that goes with it, and always under the guidance of a certified instructor. You can book various packages at this diving school on Bonaire near Kralendijk through the reception of Resort Bonaire. Dive Friends also rents out equipment if you don't have your own diving or snorkeling gear. In addition, Dive Friends has sinks at the resort's diving school, so you can keep your equipment in optimum condition during your vacation to the ABC Islands. You can apply for various PADI certificates at our diving school on Bonaire, which enable you to dive worldwide! When will you come and learn how to dive on Bonaire?


Resort Bonaire
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba - Bonaire


Possibilities diving school Bonaire

  • Diving lessons for beginners, including Open Water Diver & Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Advanced diving lessons, including Rescue Diver
  • Renting diving equipment
  • Diving shop with bar
  • Guided diving excursions
  • Filling and checking diving tanks
  • Rinsing diving equipment
  • Diving Tips!