Bonaire Resorts
Round trip ABC-islands

ABC Islands vacation

  • Luxurious apartments and hotel rooms
  • Close to the capital Kralendijk
  • Swimming pool with a real sandy beach

Enjoy a vacation to the ABC islands

Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao - these names alone conjure up images of pearly white beaches and an azure blue ocean. Also feeling the spontaneous need to go on a ABC Islands vacation? If so, Bonaire Resorts is the place for you. Our luxurious resort on Bonaire close to the capital, Kralendijk which is the most beautiful of all the Caribbean islands. A true holiday paradise to really experience the best the ABC Islands have to offer. The resort is the perfect base or stop for your tropical holiday on the ABC Islands. As a guest at our hotel on the ABC islands, you can make use of the many luxurious facilities, such as the lovely swimming pool with a real sandy beach and the pool bar!

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Facilities at Bonaire Resorts

The apartments and hotel rooms on Bonaire Resorts are luxuriously and stylishly furnished and finished with natural materials and colors. These apartments by the sea of Bonaire with a complete kitchen and spacious living room, large bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom leave nothing to be desired. The perfect place to relax in the evening at your balcony or patio. You can also stay in our brand new hotel with luxurious rooms.

Why Bonaire Resorts?

  • Swimming pool with a real sandy beach
  • Water playground for the children
  • Private balcony or patio
  • Poolbar

Frequently asked questions from previous guests:

🏝️ Which ABC island is the most beautiful?

Bonaire of course! A vacation on Bonaire introduces you to paradisiacal white beaches and an azure blue sea, where the diving and snorkeling opportunities are endless. Bonaire is the quietest ABC island, where you will enjoy a friendly, cheerful and casual atmosphere.

🛫 How long is the flight to the ABC Islands?

From the Netherlands it is an average 9-hour flight to Bonaire, provided when you choose a direct flight. A flight with a stopover in Curaçao or St. Maarten quickly goes towards 13 hours. We recommend you to book a flight with KLM or TUI and then book an apartment of your choice for your vacation on the ABC Islands.