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Bonaire diving

  • Luxurious apartments and hotel rooms
  • Dive school at the resort
  • Beautiful underwater world

Dive into the deep; admire Bonaire's underwater world

The warm water, the beautiful coral reefs and the colorful tropical fishes - explore the breathtaking underwater world during a Bonaire diving vacation. The Caribbean island is called 'Diver's Paradise' for good reason. There is no better place in the world to snorkel, to scuba dive, to follow a diving course or to get your diving certificate. The island of LittleĀ Bonaire is a populair spot for scuba diving trips and vacations. It's not just the view, the coral reefs and the brightly colored fish that are a sight to behold, the islandĀ is also a known and important nesting spot for sea turtles. When can we welcome you to one of our diving resorts on Bonaire?

Impression of your diving vacation on Bonaire ā¤µ

Resort Bonaire: thĆ© placeĀ for diving in Bonaire

Planning to dive or to explore the underwater world while snorkeling during your vacationĀ on Bonaire? You will love a relaxing stay at our divingĀ resortsĀ on Bonaire. Resort BonaireĀ isĀ close to KralendijkĀ on the west coast of Bonaire, and close to many beautiful diving locations and diving schools where you can take lessons or get your diving certificate. The brand new and modern resort has holiday apartments or hotel rooms for rent. You can also make use of theĀ resort facilities during your diving trip on Bonaire.Ā Spread out on a lounge chair at the swimming pool, have a cocktail in the pool bar and share your latest scuba divingĀ photos with your family and friends back home using our free Wi-Fi.Ā You will find yourself in paradise during your Bonaire diving vacation!

  • Outdoor pool and paddling pool
  • Recliners with umbrellas
  • Beach bar and pizzeria
  • Near Kralendijk
  • Nice weather guaranteed

Dive Friends Bonaire

You can head to our resort for all your snorkeling and diving experiences, in collaboration with 5-star PADI diving school Dive Friends Bonaire. Resort Bonaire is one of the 8 full service locations of Dive Friends Bonaire on the island. They ensure diving on Bonaire is as easy and comfortable as possible for all our guests. For instance, they offer PADI certified diving courses and specialy courses. You can also leave your own diving equipment in a lockable locker. If you do not have your own equipment, you can easily rent it at the diving school.

Our favorite diving spots

You'll recognize all diving and snorkeling spots by the yellow rocks by the side of the road. These are our tips:

Tip 1: Salt Pier
The must-do diving and snorkeling spot on Bonaire! The pillars and platforms create shade and attract lots of underwater life. It is a shallow dive, making it suitable for divers of all levels. It's also a great spot for snorkelers. Turtles, seahorses, and octopi are frequently spotted in the shallow area between the waterside and the pier. Good to know: when a ship is docked at the pier diving and/or snorkeling is not allowed!

Tip 2: Andrea I and II
You'll find Andrea I or Andrea II in a quiet bay. A beautiful diving and snorkeling spot with hard and soft corals. Perfect for beginner divers/snorkelers. There often are boats from organized snorkel trips, but you can easily reach it from land in water shoes.

Tip 3: Bari Reef
Bari Reef has easy access to the water. The location has a lot of biodiversity. Snorkelers are recommended to focus on the collapsed pier right after the entrance. There is a small derelict building on the waterside. There usually are lots of fish between the pier blocks.

Tip 4: Hilma Hooker
The Hilma Hooker is the only 'true' wreck dive on Bonaire. There are multiple small wrecks, but the 72-meter Hilma Hooker is definitely the most interesting. The freighter sank between 2 reefs on September 12, 1984. The wreck is on its side, parallel to the coast. The top is at around 18 meters deep, and the lowest point is at around 28 meters deep. This makes the wreck suitable for advanced recreational divers. Entering the wreck is not recommended.

Tip 5: Karpata|
From the parking lot you take a few steps down to the coral beach. It's best to enter the water on the right side of the platform. The bottom is very rocky, with lots of petrified coral. Once in the water, it's only a short swim to the beautiful, hilly, coral reef. On windy days the water can be a bit more rough here.

What previous guests asked usā¤µ

ā° What is the best time for diving?

The best time to dive on Bonaire is all year round! Most rain (not much) falls from November to February, and it is very hot from June to September. It doesn't matter when you come diving on Bonaire: you can always spot the most beautiful coral of the Caribbean and the most magnificent fish.

šŸ¤æ What should I not forget?

The most important tip during your stay at our Bonaire diving resorts is: wear diving shoes! There is little sandy beach at the dive sites, so you will walk over stones and coral remnants. Another tip: Discover the dive sites on Bonaire. Salt pier, for example, is thĆ© dive spot of Bonaire.Ā 

šŸŸ Can i dive without a licence?

If you don't have a diving licence, you canĀ dive under the supervision of an experienced instructor during your vacation.Ā You can also take diving lessons at our diving school on Bonaire. In collaboration with Dive Friends you can take diving lessons in the resort pool to get ease you into diving on Bonaire.