Bonaire Resorts
Snorkeling Bonaire

Snorkeling Bonaire

  • Perfect place for snorkeling in the sea
  • Luxury resort with apartments and hotel rooms
  • Near the capital Kralendijk

Snorkeling in Bonaire

Bonaire is a truly wonderful place to snorkel. And besides, snorkeling on Bonaire really is for everyone. Rent a snorkel set, swim on the surface of the sea, and admire the many colorful fish and other beautiful wonders of the underwater world. If you want to plan a snorkeling vacation in Bonaire, you are naturally also looking for a nice place to stay. Resort Bonaire offers beautiful luxury apartments and penthouses as well as a hotel in Bonaire with comfortable hotel rooms. So you can enjoy extensive snorkeling in Bonaire and after your adventures enjoy the comfort of your accommodation and our resort.


Impression of our resort and Bonaire—

Your apartment or penthouse

You can choose from two types of apartments, Bunita and Hardin, and two types of penthouses, Abundante and Abundante+. They vary in size and a number of facilities, but are all tastefully decorated. They also all have a patio or balcony, air conditioning and WiFi. Your apartment or penthouse also has a fully equipped kitchen, cozy living room and comfortable beds for a wonderful night's sleep.


Your hotel room

The hotel has two-person hotel rooms with air conditioning. You will sleep in a wonderful bed, with the option of watching a program or series on the television. You won't have to check the weather forecasts, because they are always good here! Your hotel room is also sure to have a Caribbean atmosphere. The bathroom also has a shower, toilet and washbasin. But your main goal is to spend time at our resort and on Bonaire.


Enjoy some wonderful snorkeling on Bonaire and explore the island

There are many excellent spots on Bonaire for snorkeling. In the azure blue sea, you can admire many beautiful fish and other animals from the underwater world. Some ideal beaches with snorkeling spots if you ask us? 1000 steps, Andrea I or II, or Klein Bonaire. Did you find out you like it and would you like to discover more of the underwater world? In that case, take diving lessons at our diving school on Bonaire! But apart from snorkeling on Bonaire there are of course many other activities on Bonaire for you to enjoy. How about a new adventure like kite surfing?  Or visit one of the historic sites of Bonaire such as the salt flats, the slave huts, the Terramar Museum or Cultural Park Mangazina di Rei in Rincon.

Our favorite snorkeling spots—

  • 1000 steps beach
  • Lac Bay
  • Klein Bonaire
  • Salt Pier
  • Andrea I and II
  • Bachelor Beach

What did people ask us?

What are the best places to go snorkeling on Bonaire?

There are many excellent places for snorkeling on Bonaire. For example, you can explore the underwater world at 1000 steps, Klein Bonaire or Bachelor Beach. There are many more great places to go snorkeling on Bonaire!

🏠 Where can I stay if I would like to go snorkeling on Bonaire?

At Bonaire Resorts you have a wide range of apartments, hotel rooms and even luxury penthouses to choose from! These accommodations have an attractive interior, a patio or balcony, air conditioning and WiFi. You can stay with up to six persons at Bonaire Resorts.