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The 6 best beaches of Bonaire

Are you going to Bonaire and would you like to know what the best beaches of Bonaire are? Bonaire has more than 22 beaches and we are happy to help you choose the best beach on Bonaire for you! The always sunny Bonaire has many pebble or gravel beaches, but also a number of sandy beaches. The average temperature on Bonaire is 30 degrees all year round, so you can go to the beach every day! The beaches of Bonaire are always very clean and close to your Bonaire vacation at Bonaire Resorts. Read on to find out what the nicest beaches on Bonaire are.


Te Amo Beach

Te Amo Beach is known as the most romantic place on the island. The name of the beach translates to 'I love you' from Spanish. The beach is located on the west coast of Bonaire, near the airport. Te Amo Beach gives you a spectacular view of arriving planes. The currents here are calmer, which makes this a good place for snorkeling. If you are lucky you will even encounter a sea turtle! If you want to have a relaxing and romantic day at the beach in Bonaire, Te Amo Beach is the place to be.

No Name Beach

If you are looking for a pearly white sand beach, No Name Beach is the place to be. This beach is located on the uninhabited Klein Bonaire, a small island west of Kralendijk. The beach can only be reached by water taxi. No Name Beach is a real bounty-island with a white beach and an azure blue sea. This beach is ideal for snorkellers and inexperienced divers. Discover the different types of fish and colorful coral from No Name Beach.

Lac Bay

Lac Bay is the place to be for windsurfers. Located on the east coast of Lac Bay you will find Jibe City, where the real surfer mood rules. There is almost always a perfect wind because of its location. On this beach in Bonaire you can take windsurf lessons or lie back on your beach lounger, which is free of charge. Show off your skills on the open water of Lac Bay, or relax and enjoy the colored surfboards. The shallow, crystal–clear water is perfect for a day at the beach in Bonaire.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach is ideal for salsa music lovers. During the day you can play beach volleyball or have a drink. In the weekend evenings there is often live music on this beach. The food is wonderfully fresh and tasty because the restaurant gets most of its ingredients from suppliers on the island. After a beautiful sunny day, come to Coco Beach and enjoy live music. Dance with your bare feet in the sand to the sounds of the Caribbean music and drink a cool beer or a refreshing cocktail at the Coco Beachbar. A visit to Coco Beach will make your stay at Bonaire complete! 

Coco Beach

Bachelor Beach

Just south of Flamingo Airport Bonaire you will find the Bachelor Beach. This beach is one of the few sandy beaches on Bonaire and is located at the foot of a rock cliff that is three meters high. Bachelor Beach is accessible through stairs. Even though the name is Bachelor Beach you should know that there is not always a beach. It depends on the tides if there is a beach or not. The Bachelor Beach is especially popular with locals on weekends, but it is also for tourists a perfect place for swimming and diving.

Eden Beach

This beach on Bonaire is part of the Eden Beach Resort, but is free of charge to all. It is a beautiful sandy beach with palm trees and comfortable beach loungers where you can relax. You can also undertake various water sports or go snorkeling. Life underwater is spectacular thanks to the tropical fish. On Eden Beach you can eat or drink at the Spice Beach Club and enjoy the well–known DJs on weekends.

Eden Beach

Would you like to know exactly where the aforementioned beaches are located? Then check out this map.

The best beach vacation at Bonaire Resorts

You can visit these beaches from one of our resorts with luxury apartments and hotel rooms. The hotel rooms can accommodate up to two people, and the luxury apartments can accommodate up to ten people. These apartments include a kitchen with a dishwasher, a bathroom with a bathtub and a walk-in shower, and a specious balcony. Furthermore, the resorts are equipped with luxurious facilities. Take a dip in the beautiful swimming pool with a sandy beach or order a drink from our poolside bar. Are you ready to explore the best beaches in Bonaire from Bonaire Resorts?


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