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Plane Tickets Bonaire

Plane Tickets Bonaire

Plane tickets to Bonaire

Are you going to or do you want to spend your next vacation on Bonaire? Do you want to trade the cold and gray weather for this paradise island? We totally get you. That is why we are happy to help you on your way with practical information about plane tickets to Bonaire. The subtropical island of Bonaire can be reached via several international and local airlines from Europe and North America. When you fly to Bonaire, you will arrive at the international airport of Bonaire (BON): Flamingo International Airport. You will be only 6 minutes away from our resort and from the resort you can reach the picturesque city of Kralendijk within 10 minutes.


Enjoy a comfortable stay at our luxurious and modern apartments, hotel rooms & penthouses for 2 and up to 8 guests. Furnished and with airconditioning.

Flights from Europe

Several flights for Bonaire are departing daily from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can fly directly with TUI or KLM. On average, a direct flight takes 9 hours. During your flight you are provided with all comforts. Depending on when you make your reservation, you can fly to Bonaire from as little as €350. This means that you can optimally enjoy your affordable holiday.

Your flight from Europe

  • Direct flight
  • With TUI or KLM
  • Flight duration 9 hours

Flights from North-America

Do you want to travel from North America to Bonaire? There are various providers that offer flights to Bonaire from North America. You can fly with American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. United Airlines offers direct weekly flights from Newark and Houston. With American Airlines you can fly from Atlanta or Miami to Bonaire. It is also possible to travel via Aruba or Curaçao.

Your flight from North America

  • Fly directly or via Aruba/Curaçao
  • With American, Delta or United Airlines
  • Flight duration 3 to 8 hours

We advise you to book a flight from KLM or TUI and then make reservations for an apartment of your choice at Resort Bonaire. Easily make reservations for an apartment on our website and always benefit from affordable prices.

Impression of Resort Bonaire and its environment