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  • New luxurious resort
  • Swimming pool with sandy beach
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Holiday Netherlands Antilles

Want a great holiday that's guaranteed to be filled with sun, sea, and beaches, at any time of the year? Then book a holiday in the Netherlands Antilles. The beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea are a true paradise on earth for those that love sunny and tropical places. Pearly white beaches, azure sea, a clear blue sky and palm trees waving in the breeze - the only thing missing is a resort where you can relax and enjoy yourself.

You will naturally spend your holiday in the Netherlands Antilles on the most beautiful of all the Caribbean islands: Bonaire. Resort Bonaire, located on the west coast close to the capital Kralendijk, offers a luxurious stay in modern holiday apartments. Will it be a romantic holiday with just the two of you, or a family holiday with the kids? You can rent a luxurious apartment for 2, 4, or even 6 people. The stylish design, perfect finish and deluxe facilities make your stay relaxing and carefree.

Not only our apartments on Bonaire will delight you, our resort's facilities are also appealing. You and your company can relax in the swimming pool with real sandy beach and enjoy the comfortable lounge chairs, the play equipment for children, and the pool bar for the adults. Let your family and friends back home know all about your great holiday in the Netherlands Antilles using our Wi-Fi.

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Round trip Netherlands Antilles

A round trip around the Netherlands Antilles with all its sights is also an experience you will never forget. It's not just Bonaire that is gorgeous; the other islands are also worth a visit. Planning to make a round trip around the ABC-islands and looking for a place to stay on Bonaire as a starting point, stop, or end station? Then Resort Bonaire is the place for you. Our holiday apartments and resort facilities offer you a completely carefree and relaxed stay.

The islands of the Netherlands Antilles are great for a round trip. Each island has its own unique character and unique sights. What they do have in common are the pleasant temperatures, the beautiful sandy beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, and an unrivaled underwater world. Are you looking for a more active round trip with various outings, or do you want to relax on the various beaches? Your round trip around the Netherlands Antilles is completely up to you.

The leeward islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are located close to each other and are ideal for island hopping. This can also include a stop at the windward islands Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius. You can create your own trip around the Antilles. Your perfect adventure begins or ends with a luxurious stay at Resort Bonaire.


Facilities Resort Bonaire

It's not just our offer of apartments and hotel rooms that will delight you, the facilities of the resort will appeal to you as well. You and your companions can endlessly enjoy the swimming pool with a real sandy beach, wonderful recliners, and play equipment for the children. In addition, the resort offers a pool bar, and you will have free WiFi at your disposal to allow you to keep the people at home up to date on your spectacular Dutch Antilles holiday. Are you planning to go diving, and do you not have a diving license yet? Resort Bonaire offers diving lessons at our own diving school on Bonaire. In cooperation with Dive Friends, you can start following diving lessons in an accessible way.


An overview of the facilities

  • Swimming pool with sandy beach
  • Recliners
  • Play equipment
  • Pool bar
  • WiFi
  • Diving school

When you travel to the Netherlands Antilles, wouldn't you like to stay in the luxury apartments of Bonaire Resorts as well? Book your vacation in the Netherlands Antilles now!


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