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Accommodation on Bonaire at a perfect location

Accommodation on Bonaire in the midst of inspiring surroundings? Resort Bonaire is located very near the beautiful Bonaire National Marine Park and the Washington Slagbaai National Park. These are wonderful national parks both on the island, and in the nearby sea, where diving along the coral reef is one of the island’s highlights. Your accommodation on Bonaire will also be close-by Bonaire’s capital city Kralendijk. So if dining and cocktails are more your taste Resort Bonaire is equally well located for you. This is the best spot for your Bonaire accommodation.

Accommodation on Bonaire where we provide all the services

At Resort Bonaire the reception is opened daily, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the whole resort, as well as ample playground equipment for children. We have a simply gorgeous pool with an exquisite lay out and even a real sandy beach. There is of course also a playground in the pool as well as a bar for the adults. Here you can enjoy all sorts of drinks and snacks, whilst relaxing in the sun. That is why at Resort Bonaire we are sure you will not find any finer accommodation on Bonaire. You can book your accommodations at our website!

Good resort on Bonaire, a tropical island with great facilities and nice, luxury apartments. The best resort for families. Also great for surfers.