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Drinking water

You'll be able to drink tap water without problems, it's high quality. The taste is excellent.


At Resort Bonaire you'll be able to use 220V connections. A European plug will suffice. Plug adapters may be borrowed at reception.


No vaccinations are required to travel to Bonaire. Health care on the island is high quality and a hospital is available. Do you use medication? Make sure to bring enough of it with you. Ask your pharmacy to print an overview of your medication for you. This will include all details of your medication as well as other matters such as allergies. This will come in handy should you have to visit a doctor or pharmacy while at your travel destination.
Make sure to protect yourself against mosquitoes! Wear protective clothing and use mosquito repellent containing DEET. This can also be purchased locally.


Bonaire maintains high standards when it comes to hygiene. This goes for cafés, restaurants, terraces and public venues.

Identification requirement

You are required to be able to show a valid identification document upon request while on Bonaire.


Bonaire experiences a very even climate. Temperatures are constant all year round: 30 degrees°C during the day, and 25°C at night. A pleasant trade wind blows all year, making sure the temperature doesn't feel to hot. Bonaire does not get a lot of rain, and when it does they come in the form of tropical showers. Short and intense, but almost always followed by the sun breaking through again. The rainy season is from halfway through November until halfway through January.


We at resort Bonaire are very mindful of the environment. Energy is scarce and precious, for this reason we would like to ask you to use electricity and water responsibly.


There are multiple supermarkets on the island. You'll find them on Kaya Industria.

Van Den Tweel Supermarket (Albert Heijn). Here you'll find plenty of typically Dutch products. Address: 39 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

Bondigro Supermarket is comparable to Aldi or Lidl. Address: 29 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

Wholesale Warehouse Bonaire. Address: 24 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

There's a large number of various supermarkets and tokos. However, this means that it isn't always easy to distinguish between the supermarkets and tokos. This is because a lot of regular supermarkets on Bonaire also stock a lot of typically oriental products.

Since there is little agricultural activity on Bonaire, almost everything has to be imported to the island which means that items in the supermarket are often more expensive compared to the Netherlands. This can cause surprising situations such as temporarily unavailable items in case the cargo ship did not pass by the island or the cargo plane did not land.

Please see the front desk for any questions or opening hours.

Time difference

Bonaire is located in the Atlantic Time Zone: GMT -4. Bonaire does not adhere to daylight saving time.

The Bonaire time zone is the same as US Eastern time.

Transfer from and to the airport

You don't want the hassle of arranging a taxi or a rental car right after your arrival? We can arrange your transfer from and to the airport. Our driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall and will bring you straight to the resort. If you want to use this possibility, then please contact us. Price: $35 per person. 


No special vaccinations are needed on Bonaire. Please do make sure to remember your personal medication.


On Bonaire, you'll pay using the United States Dollar ($). You'll be able to withdraw money using your bank card, with ATM's available all over the island. Bringing Dollars from The Netherlands is not required, you will be able to withdraw money upon arrival at the airport.

Laundry facilities

It is possible to have your laundry washed on the island, several companies offer this service. Inquire at reception if you want to make use of this service.