Bonaire Resorts
Going to the supermarket on Bonaire?


There are multiple supermarkets on the island. You'll find them on Kaya Industria.

Van Den Tweel Supermarket (Albert Heijn). Here you'll find plenty of typically Dutch products. Address: 39 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

Bondigro Supermarketis comparable to Aldi or Lidl. Address: 29 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

Wholesale Warehouse Bonaire. Address: 24 Kaya Industria, Kralendijk.

There's a large number of various supermarkets and tokos. However, this means that it isn't always easy to distinguish between the supermarkets and tokos. This is because a lot of regular supermarkets on Bonaire also stock a lot of typically oriental products.

Since there is little agricultural activity on Bonaire, almost everything has to be imported to the dive island which means that items in the supermarket are often more expensive compared to the Netherlands. This can cause surprising situations such as temporarily unavailable items in case the cargo ship did not pass by the island or the cargo plane did not land.

Please see the front desk for any questions or opening hours.

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