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Surfing Bonaire

Surfing Bonaire

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Surfing on Bonaire ­čĆä

Bonaire is a wonderful water sports island where surfing is possible as well. On the south-east side of the island, Bonaire has a fantastic surfing spot. The wind has relatively free reign, and the waves can get pretty high. But you will not have to expect waves measuring several meters during your surfing holiday on Bonaire. That makes surfing on Bonaire an ideal location for beginners. On waves with a height of 30 cm, you can gain excellent control of the board and your body. After a day on the water, it is great to relax at Resort Bonaire too. You can use our facilities or recharge your batteries at your luxurious apartment on Bonaire. Who will you challenge to some surfing on Bonaire?

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Your stay during your surfing holiday on Bonaire

For your accommodation during your surfing holiday on Bonaire, Resort Bonaire offers you the options of a luxurious apartment, a penthouse, or a hotel room. The two-person hotel rooms are situated at our hotel on Bonaire and have comfortable beds, a private bathroom, television, free WiFi, and air conditioning. At an apartment or penthouse, you can stay with up to eight persons. The apartments and penthouses have been spaciously furnished with modern amenities. You will have a fully equipped kitchen, a pleasant living room, and a spacious balcony or terrace at your disposal. Whether you stay at a hotel room, an apartment, or a penthouse, you can always use the excellent facilities at the resort without restrictions. This allows you to experience plenty of relaxation after surfing on Bonaire.

Facilities at our resort:

  • Swimming pool with sand beach and children's pool
  • Pool bar
  • Pizzeria
  • Diving school
  • Free WiFi

Wave surfing on Bonaire and more...

Bonaire is a relatively peaceful location to go surfing, making it ideal for beginners to learn to master the waves. It also makes it great for some variation; in addition to wave surfing on Bonaire, you could also choose to go kite surfing or wind surfing for a day. All part of of the "surfing sports family". We recommend enjoying not only time on the water, but life underwater as well. Snorkeling and diving offer magnificent views of the underwater plant and animal life. Have you had enough water and wind in your hair for a while? Enjoy a pleasant evening in Kralendijk, discover Bonaire's history at the Terramar Museum, or admire the beautiful salt flats. When will you visit Bonaire to go surfing and relaxing?

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